“Unleash the Power Within” Cleanse – Tony Robbins

Hey Rock Stars!

I want you to recall that particular moment in your life that you experienced something so powerful, truly transformational… That moment you knew you had to make changes in your life right away? Maybe they weren’t MASSIVE changes, but you know, that 2mm shift that

Tony Robbins Quote – Beliefs

can cause the Universe to re-align and conspire to assist you bigger than ever before?

I admit, I am there now…

I just returned from a week in Los Angeles, CA attending an “event,” called Unleash the Power Within, that I have been hearing amazing things about but chalked it up to, “yeah someday, that would be great…”

Well, I had a feeling that those “somedays” were limited and I committed to experiencing all that I can get my hands on in 2017.

Maybe you’re wondering, what the hell I’m talking about and I promise to make that very clear…

Tony Robbins…Life Strategist, Transformational Coach, NLP Master, CEO, Author, whatever you want to call him…

Point being, if you have never experienced the magic of the Transformation King himself, Tony Robbins, I highly recommend you go.

Not to YouTube, well you can start there haha…

Not next year, but to his next event.

There’s a reason why he sells out a stadium of 9000 people on up easily, each and every time and why people will pay thousands of dollars to be put under his hypnotic spell. BTW, it’s worth every dime…

You just can’t explain it without it sounding completely crazy. You see, I didn’t go for the “transformation.” I know that sounds crazy. Well, I knew it would happen, inevitably, but I went to experience a man who has truly achieved MASTERY,  having spent over 40 years living his passion of helping people breakthrough their blocks, fears, perceived challenges, to create an extraordinary life.

I wanted to see how he could move thousands of people for 4 days straight with nearly ever butt in its seat the entire time. Ok, despite a run to the bathroom and maybe a quick bite, but NO ONE wanted to leave for even a second!

It was the most incredible thing I’ve ever…

Imagine this…Picture yourself, not just speaking from stage, but putting on a masterful performance including teaching, helping people in the audience break through their ssshtuff while helping everyone else experience the shift as well, screaming at the top of your lungs like a Rock Star, jumping up and down constantly to keep the crowd pumped up and in a peak-state and not stumbling on your words once for 17 hours?!

Oh did I mention, you can’t have anything to drink, eat or even use the bathroom?!

All of a sudden, it seems more impressive, right?! haha…Trust me he’s a machine and he’s mastered how to put people into a peak-state and keep them there for days!

My favorite part about the event, was actually making the decision to walk over 2000 degree HOT coals that had been burning for over 3 hours!

Check it out…

Fire Walk – Tony Robbins

Los Angeles, CA on USC campus – 3 hours of hot coals getting prepped for us to walk over!

2000 degree coals burning just before they got poured into the beds we walked on with bare feet?!

I’m officially a fire-walker haha…Probably one of the craziest things I’ve done but it was so worth it in the end!

Post Event Re-Integration

So, as I’m integrating back into society lol, I’m experiencing a serious case of brain fog, symptoms of a cold and detoxing from all the craziness. #totallyworthit

On the very last day, the topic is health and vitality. Part of the “re-integration process” (you think I’m kidding haha) involves a highly suggested detox to begin our healthier, version 2.0 of ourselves.

I thought some of you may find this helpful, should you want to begin ridding your body of all the toxins we are inundated with. From what I understand, this is the lifestyle Tony Robbins himself “enjoys.” 🙂

My “Unleashed” Cleanse

  • 70% of food intake is water enriched foods consisting of organic fruits and vegetables.
  • No meat (chicken, fish, pork anything)
  • No sugar
  • No wheat
  • No caffeine (coffee, soda, caffeinated teas)
  • No egg
  • No dairy
  • No juice unless it is fresh squeezed from a juicer and organic
  • 1 Gallon of water daily 😮
  • No alcohol or other substances 🙂
  • No chemicals if you can help it including face products, skin products, perfumes, lotions, etc.

So, to be quite honest, this isn’t too far from the lifestyle I’m currently used to, although there are still some major changes.

I did used to drink a cup of BulletProof coffee a few times/week the past few months and green tea on the other days. Sometimes neither…so truly not addicted to it.

I have been a Pescatarian meaning I eat primarily a vegetarian diet although I eat fish and seafood from time to time (usually when I am on the road and out in restaurants).

I did eat dairy (so this is the biggest one to let go of for me as I love cheese) and bread on occasion but I do like pasta (mostly wheat).

Oh and no more casual vino or cocktail nights out with friends or business colleagues.

The increase in water intake has been a bit “challenging” but I’m loving it.

I’ve also added in activated charcoal (bought on Amazon) to help with the toxin elimination and am now looking for a detox tea that is healthy. Any suggestions are welcome.

I will share some of the foods I’m eating with you as I go on…

For now, I think I’ve fed you enough :-P!

Here’s to being healthier and more fit in 2017 with increased energy and focus!

Care to join me?! ;-P

P.S. You can follow me on FB by clicking https://www.facebook.com/JoanieKDhillon

Instagram: @joaniedhillon

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