Do You Have Clarity of Purpose or Are you Floundering Like the Rest?


Hey Rock Stars!

I hope you’re having an incredible day…

Do you ever feel unfulfilled in your career or life, like you just don’t know if you’re on the right track?

If so, I encourage you to keep reading…

I’m feeling on fire today because I had a call this morning that just got me reignited toward my life’s purpose in a big way and I thought I would share…

You see, I spent the majority of my adult life trying to figure out what is my life’s purpose?

What is it that lights me up, fuels me and motivates me each and every day?

Specifically, what would I be thrilled to be doing each and every day that I truly love?

Perhaps you can relate…

I made great money in my past profession, multiple 6-figures a year in fact. I lived in beautiful homes all over Seattle over the years, one of which is now a ~$2 MIL condo with an incredible view of the Pacific Ocean, yet I wasn’t truly happy or fulfilled.

Something was missing in a big way…

You may be wondering, how could you be unhappy making that kind of money? The reason is that sometimes it comes down to more than money. Money is a means to an end, not a reason to feel fulfilled or be happy.

After a few years of making great money and living what many perceived to be this “great life,” I knew that something was missing and I became increasingly dissatisfied with my job despite how great I continued to perform or how much money I made…

It came down to 2 very specific things I yearned for…

  1. Freedom
  2. Purpose.

Freedom was my #1 core value in life, and it was missing

I was desiring the freedom to live life on my terms. I wanted to travel the world more than the 3-4 months a year I was then doing ( I know it sounds crazy). I didn’t want to have to be anywhere at a specific time unless I wanted to be there.

While I knew I was making a difference out there, I wanted to impact far more people’s lives in a much bigger way.  That I was certain of…

I knew that I was meant to change millions of lives and speak on stages across the world, have a #1 best selling book and be the most recognized name when it came to ummm…something.

I just didn’t know what that “something” was at the time…

I lacked clarity in my life’s purpose so while I was comfortable, I was missing a deeper piece to make me feel fulfilled, living my life on purpose and by design.

You see, what I came to realize over the past few years after searching for this “purpose”, is that…

When you have complete clarity of purpose, a total knowing as to why you are here on this earth, your life begins to take on a new meaning…

Your actions become effortless, your drive turns relentless, and you have laser focus to achieving your life’s mission. ~ Joanie Dhillon, MBA | Peak-Performance Coach

Without having a truly defined clarity of purpose that keeps you up at night and keeps you motivated, you will flounder, going from job to job with no real clarity in what it is you truly desire and what actually fulfills you at your core, more than money ever could. You will feel unhappy and like you’re settling for a mediocre life. 

I remember the day I asked myself, if I died today, would I be happy about what I have achieved and how I would be remembered?

And the answer was a glaring “no”…

They called me crazy, but knew I wouldn’t listen…

  • You know, those voices that always play it safe and need their comfort bubble of protection.
  • Those who don’t believe in taking risks because they might “fail”.
  • Those who are okay living a life they aren’t happy with but know that it’s just a “means to an end.”

Those who unintentionally, squash our dreams, should we choose to listen…

They called me crazy because I left an insane paying job with little to no plan to create my life on my terms, one where I defined where I would work and who I would choose to work with.  

I had a dream and a mission to build an incredibly successful coaching business, working from the cafes of Paris to the beaches of the world with a simple laptop and internet connection, transforming lives in a big way.

You see, living this lifestyle I’ve created fuels my passion, my purpose, and my mission as a Peak-Performance Coach to help people across the world change their thoughts, behaviors and patterns to drastically transform their lives.

I discovered that my clarity of purpose is to help people achieve massive success in business, sales and life by helping them remove the unconscious blocks, fears and self-sabotaging patterns that are stopping them from living the life they were truly meant to live.

I help  them remove years of unconscious programming that has kept them stuck and under-performing to become peak-performers in life and to reach their highest potential.  

Here’s the bottom line, successful people all have clarity in their purpose. They have a clear understanding of what living a purpose-filled life means to them and are driven by this purpose, this mission, daily.

Their behaviors, beliefs and day-to-day actions are in alignment with their clarity of purpose.

Successful people don’t look into the past, they continue to look forward and determine where they want to be 60 days, 90 days, 1 year from now and into the future.

When you clarify your purpose and begin to live it, you will notice the shifts that happen within you and how situations, people and events will begin to magically conspire around you. ~ Joanie Dhillon, MBA | Peak-Performance Coach

What is Your Clarity of Purpose?

If you’re feeling unfulfilled in life, tired of playing small and are ready to make some big bold moves in 2017 to align with your life’s purpose and mission…

I encourage you to ask yourself the following questions to help you get clear on your purpose:

Take out a journal, and just start writing whatever comes out. You’ll be amazed at what begins to flow …

  1. What is it that I truly LOVE doing?
  2. What lights me up inside?
  3. What has kept me up at night thinking about?
  4. What have I always wanted to do “someday” that I keep putting off? (i.e. writing a book, traveling the world, creating a company that allows you to X)
  5. What would I be doing if I had all the money in the world? What else?
  6. What would an ideal day look like for me? Where would I be? Who would I be with? What would I be doing? Who would I be impacting?
  7. What causes am I passionate about?
  8. What am I good at? What am I great at?
  9. What skills do I have that could benefit others?
  10. If could make any amount of money in the world, how much income do I want to be making in a year?
  11. What would making this amount of money allow me to do? What else?
  12. What do I believe, if anything, is stopping me from making this money? What specifically are those things? What else? (Really dig into this one)
  13. Do I believe I can do it? Why or why not?
  14. If not, what would need to happen for me to change this belief that I can do it?
  15. What if nothing changes 5 years from now? Will I be happy and feel fulfilled?\
  16. What is one step that I can take immediately, that would propel me forward towards going from where I am right now, to where I want to be?

I hope this helped you begin to think about your personal clarity of purpose so you can create a life by design that you truly love.

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