Inspirational Travel & How the World’s Top Achievers Reach Mastery

Quote - "You cannot achieve mastery alone..."

Quote – “You cannot achieve mastery alone…

Hello Rock Stars!

I just returned from an amazing trip to Boston and NYC for a week with my best friend and I have to say, what happens when you step away from your comfort bubble can truly move mountains!

I knew there is a reason I am fascinated with travel other than the incredible experiences and people you meet…People always tell me that I’m constantly traveling.

These days there is certainly more business mixed in but that is often by design. Just how I like my life to be…intentional and by design.

Travel also allows you to gain a new perspective and clarity as to what is going on in your life

It’s very tough, if not impossible, to gain clarity when you are in the midst of your “sschttuff” if you know what I mean. When you travel, it also allows you to experience massive energetic shifts that can positively impact your relationships, business, career and finances.

Bottom line is, when you get out of your own way, things just shift beautifully!

For example…I love when new coaching clients just flock to me easily and effortlessly because I am simply out enjoying my life and traveling the world.

Most people worry that when they travel, they are either not making money or “will be behind” when they get home.

That is the wrong mindset to have! Just saying…

In 2015, I quit my job as a multiple 6 figure/year peak-performing sales professional, to travel the world, build a 7-figure coaching business I could work from my lap top from the beaches of the world or cafe’s of Boston or NYC (haha) and coach others to achieve massive success in their life as well…

My point is, anything is possible…

Anyhow, as I’m diving into creating a new online course that “got revealed” to me while I was away, I have been thinking a lot about achieving mastery and what it takes to actually ACHIEVE MASTERY in life.

The truth is that very few people will ever achieve mastery because it’s certainly not easy to get there. It’s much easier to sit in a comfy chair, remote control in hand ignoring our “issues” by wishing they would simply go away.

One of the things I coach my peak-performing clients to do is to WELCOME NEW PROBLEMS! Crazy isn’t it?!

You see, when you are on the path to achieving mastery of anything in life, you take on bigger and bigger problems. That’s how you know you are growing and shifting into your new comfort zone. Then just when you start to get “comfortable,” something else hits you and you get to go solve that BIGGER problem, allowing you to begin to shift.

It’s when we stay in our comfort zone or gray zone as I often call it, we aren’t growing. We are simply succumbing to the status quo. That’s fine…if that’s what you want.

However, I’m assuming that you are here reading this right now because you are a peak-performer or you have a BURNING desire to achieve more in life… even if you don’t know how.

Here’s the thing…most of us know when we’re not happy where we are at. We know when we want more and we know that THAT HUNGER for more, is not going away.

The problem is, we won’t make that SHIFT until that hunger gets so unbearable and the urgency to change is at its peak…

This is exactly why the majority of people stay in jobs they hate…

Co-exist in relationships that aren’t working for years and years…

Stay “okay” with never pursuing their passions and true purpose in life…

So, as I reflect back on my personal success while creating this course and what allowed me to get to where I am at now, I think about what specifically it took for me to get here.

What’s interesting is it wasn’t all about me…it was about who helped me along my journey…

So, if you are ready to achieve EXCELLENCE in life, true MASTERY of your craft, whether it’s in your career, as a sales professional, or whatever…

I urge you to ask yourself….

[3 Simple Questions that Will Reveal Where You’re Headed]

1. Where are you now?
2. Where do you want to be and by when?
3. Who is helping you get there? (Are they good, great or world-class in excellence?)

Having a world class support team, mentor and coach to show you HOW to go from where you are now to where you want to be is ESSENTIAL in achieving mastery of anything in life.

The next question is are you ready?

If you are ready to discuss how to take your game from where you are to where you want to be, then complete the form below and you may be eligible for a complimentary Breakthrough 2017 Strategy Session Call with me…

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