Watch Me Unveil The 8 Phases of Leadership


The Unstoppable Family & I in Amsterdam!

Hey guys!

For those of you who missed it LIVE this evening, you definitely want to check out the replay while it’s up for the next few days…There is massive content and value here as Rhonda Swan aka The Unstoppable Momma, myself and mum-preneur, Ash Stevens, go through The 8 Phases of Leadership.


What are the 8 Phases of Leadership?

Phase 1: Jumping Off The Cliff

Hear me talk about how it felt to JUMP OFF THE CLIFF just a few months ago in June of 2015, why I was paralyzed with fear for 2 years and how I eventually pushed through it.

Phase 2: Doubt – Whether I wanted to acknowledge it or not, there was probably self-doubt that crept in…

Phase 3: Massive Action – AND how I took MASSIVE action in my online business to generate massive results.

Phase 4: Building A Tribe – What is a tribe and why is it so important?

Phase 5: Re-Invest in YOU

Phase 6: Teaching – I discuss our Unstoppable Mastermind coming up in Orlando in less than 2 weeks and what incredible material I will be teaching these online entrepreneurs many of whom paid over $5K to be at this event!

Phase 7: Mentorship

Phase 8: Expansion

Click here to watch >> Freedom-Preneur Hangout – (Like A Boss) <<

If it’s the week of October 7th-13th 2015, then click the link above, if after, watch the video below…

To Your Unstoppable Success!


**P.S. If you’re interested in being mentored by me and want to join the Freedom-Preneur movement, click on the banner below or email me at info@joaniedhillon . com

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2 thoughts on “Watch Me Unveil The 8 Phases of Leadership

  1. Reo says:

    That was a powerful hangout wasn’t it? thanks for all the bullet points of the call replay i think, Thanks again Joanie and what a great blog page you have


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