Countdown to Bali – Day 5 Transformational Series

IMG_3649Hello everyone!

So this video was from yesterday but when you watch the video to the end you will see why I got a little de-railed haha!! Anyhow, I am so loving this idea of transformation in my Countdown to Bali transformation series and making a conscious decision to improve things in my life.

I hope that you are enjoying being on the journey with me as you really begin to look at things in your own lives that maybe you have been wanting to change or things that are really preventing your own personal growth.

When you stop working on your personal development/self development, whatever you want to call it, you limit your growth and stay victim to your circumstances. When you consciously make  a decision to change things about yourself or your “reality” that you don’t care for, you empower yourself to push through that block which is often fear or limiting beliefs to truly OWN your transformational journey and become a person of God, light, source, Universe (whatever you believe) you were meant to be.

Enjoy and please Like, comment, and share!

5 days and counting until I take off on my incredible journey to Bali, Indonesia! 



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10 thoughts on “Countdown to Bali – Day 5 Transformational Series

    • Joanie Dhillon says:

      Hi Bill! I was going to Bali anyway, the transformation series was created as 50 of us are going out for a transformational business/spiritual mastermind. 🙂 But transforming here at home vs. Bali? I would pick Bali all day! ;-P


  1. Ellen Macieiski says:

    I enjoyed your video, Joanie:) Love your dog:) Yes my transformation took a big leap too when we stepped into our power! It was so awesome and no one here at home could believe I would do that:)


    • Joanie Dhillon says:

      Thank you Ellen! He’s a sweetheart. Yes, jumping off of the Stratosphere was probably the most incredible thing I have ever done to step into my power and break through my fear. What an exhilarating night and week! 🙂


  2. Hank Klinger says:

    Awesome video, have fun in Bali. Bali is an amazing place, transformation is so powerful. I can see the power in your eyes, very awesome to watch someone have a breakthrough on video. Love it!


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