My new Travel itinerary: Traveling from Paris France to Amsterdam

Hey guys!

It’s funny how sometimes things happen so unexpectedly and when you put it out there, the Universe just delivers. I put it on my bucket list for 2015 to get to Paris, France, Bali, Indonesia and Thailand. I had zero plans to go to Paris and was even bummed because it just seemed like it wasn’t going to happen this year. Then out of the blue, my business partner and friend, Rhonda Swan aka ‘The Unstoppable Momma’, who I co-authored our new e-book called ‘FreedomPreneur’ with, asked me to go to Paris with she and her hubby and 8 year old daughter, Miss Hanalei.

Eiffel Tower Pic

Eiffel Tower Paris, France 2015

Not the ideal romantic vision I had when  I thought of going to Paris lol but these 3 have been traveling the world non-stop for the past 7 years so if there is anyone that knows how to travel and have fun, it’s definitely the Unstoppable Family. So, guess who’s going to Paris after all?!

We decided to travel from Paris, France to Amsterdam…Beginning in Paris we rented a quaint, very European apartment just near the Eiffel Tower.

When I think of La Vie Parisienne, I think of sipping a cappuccino in a bustling cafe where Ernest Hemingway was once inspired, photographing incredible architecture and taking in all the artistic beauty Paris has to offer!

We will then be taking the Eurostar train to Belgium and ending in Amsterdam where they have ‘happy cake’. Really, Amsterdam has been calling my name for way too long! You can only visit the Schiphol airport so many times before wanting to see and experience what all the hype is about!

Wait…did I say ending?!?! Lol, well not exactly. The life of an obsessed traveler & Travel Blogger doesn’t really ever end…From there I will be heading back to Seattle, WA for a bit, only to party it up in Vegas and speak at a Women of Bliss conference teaching women how to get over their fear of selling and attending an internet marketing conference with the top internet marketers in the world and only then will I be off to Dubai and then Bali in August.

What are your favorite must-do activities and hidden treasures you’ve experienced while living/traveling to la vie en rose?

Off to learn French in 6 days! haha

Joanie Dhillon | Travel Blogger | FreedomPreneur

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