How to Dominate the “Own the Frame, Win the Game” Sales Strategy by Oren Klaff

Oren Klaff Pitch Anything -

Oren Klaff Pitch Anything –

I was just recently introduced to this incredible book called “Pitch Anything” by Oren Klaff and since I started listening to this audio, my mind has been blown! I think some of the principles are so worth sharing if you are looking for a sales strategy that works…

And here’s the thing, even if you’re not in “sales” per say, we all are selling something everyday. I am going to share with you how to dominate what I refer to as the “Own the Frame, Win the Game” sales strategy I learned from Pitch Anything.

But first, we have to learn what frames are and how they are used.

Klaff refers to frames as “The instrument you use to package your power, authority, strength and status.” Frames are your perspective that you go into a situation or a sales pitch with. He goes on to state that “everyone uses frames and every social encounter causes frames to collide. They don’t exist in the same place for very long. Only one frame survives and the others break and are absorbed. The winning frame governs every social interaction for the period of the interaction and when it does that it is said to have frame control”.

So whenever you encounter a client, prospective client or simply someone who you are doing any sort of negotiations with, you are entering with our own frame. But you can actually choose the exact frame you enter the conversation or meeting with. This is not referring to your paradigm per say but more like the perspective you have chosen to enter the conversation with.

Both of your frames are going to collide immediately and either your frame or theirs is going to assert dominance and win thereby gaining frame control. I love this quote by Klaff that says, “He who owns the frame, wins the game.” It pretty much summarizes it up.

If you do not have frame control, you pretty much have no shot of getting the sale or winning the negotiation unless they feel sorry for you and then they may bite, but usually end up having buyer’s remorse.

In order to dominate the “Own the frame, Win the Game” strategy, Klaff explains you need to:

Enter strong and gain frame control or status with the individual you are meeting.

Momentum is key and you need to create what he refers to as “high status” immediately. It should be a fight to be Alpha and then maintain the alpha. If you’re the Beta because the other guy asserts greater power over you by controlling the situation, throwing you off, whatever it is, then you need to do anything to assert and gain Alpha. Beta’s will always lose.
You want to choose a frame and force a frame collision so you can immediately assert Alpha.

The problem arises when the other person asserts the alpha role and you take on Beta. You have to immediately gain control or it is over.

Here are the steps Klaff outlines that will help you to elevate your status in any situation –

1. Politely ignore power rituals and ignore Beta traps (when the other person is trying to trap you into being the Beta by their actions or words)
2. Be unaffected by your customer’s global status which is your customers Global Status i.e. their status both inside and outside the business environment.
3. Look for opportunities to perpetrate small denials and defiances that strengthen your frame and elevate your status.
4. As soon as you take power, quickly move the conversation into an area where you are the domain expert. Where your knowledge and information are unassailable by your audience.
5. Apply a prize frame by positioning yourself as the reward for making the decision to do business with you.
6. Confirm your alpha status by making your customer make a statement about you that qualifies your higher status. This can be done in a light-hearted and fun way. “Hey, remind me again, why in the world would I ever want to do business with you?” This naturally would cause a few laughs and a serious response amongst all the laughter. “Hey, Chris, you want to do business with us because we are the largest bank in all of CA.” You: “Yea, ok that sounds good enough” and chuckle.

So as described, when you can “dominate the frame, you can win the game”. This sales strategy should be used in literally every sales situation or negotiation simply based on how we as humans instinctively perceive one another and subconsciously fight to gain alpha in order to gain frame control.

This stuff gets pretty deep and I am excited to share more with you…I thought you might like this video of Oren Klaff explaining framing in more detail.

I would love to hear your thoughts! Do you use frame control in your own personal negotiations or can you see it as being useful in winning the game?

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