Adventures in Victoria, BC…

Post Surgery and On a Mission To Get Lost –

Worldmark Victoria Resort 2 BD Penthouse


Only a few hours post-surgery, the BF and I decided to get some R&R in a “close” getaway destination from Seattle. After a 6.5 hour nauseating, post-anesthesia, oxy-codone induced drive that included a border crossing and 90 minute ferry adventure, we finally made it into Victoria, BC at 9 pm. I was drugged up and longing for a bed.

We were welcomed by the friendly Worldmark Victoria staff who handed us the keys to our 2 bedroom Penthouse Queen suite for the next two days. I’ve been hearing about this resort and its harbor-facing penthouses for years. So before we could even think of what fun things to do in Victoria BC, we had to soak in all the incredibleness 🙂 of our space. The long-awaited jacuzzi hot tub on the balcony was unfortunately out of commission for this gal.

There’s no better feeling than waking up in a beautiful place with the sun peaking from behind the dark shades and you just want to see what’s on the other side. Yes, Victoria BC truly is a magical destination and makes for the perfect romantic getaway.

For most tourists, Butchart Gardens is a highlight and a must see but we figured we would leave that for our next visit.

Day 1:  Watched the sea planes take off and land from our balcony that morning while taking in the breathtaking scenery. Then decided to screw the planning and just take off into town by foot. The Worldmark resort is perfectly situated in the harbor next to the houseboats and just a few minutes walk away from everything and if you’re lucky enough to get a room with an incredible view, you almost don’t want to leave.

I normally snarl (under my breath of course) at the carriage riders because I think these horses could have a much better life than lugging a carriage full of over-zealous and often over-weight tourists around all day but today, I decided to start a conversation with this approachable woman who assured me that these horses live a great life. In fact, they “live on a ranch 30 minutes outside of Victoria and Buck is always super excited to get out.” It seemed like a nice lil sales pitch to me and a well-rehearsed one at that lol but I will give her the benefit of the doubt.

We had a great sushi lunch in town at some nondescript joint 2 blocks from the Empress but it was pretty fantastic sushi and $1 a nigiri which is unheard of.

Next stop off was some crazy waffle/ice-cream joint because my bf has an absurd sweet tooth. 😛 So, I amusingly watched him devour a pretty great looking waffle concoction with my dairy-free, sugar-free, OH and did I mention gluten-free boring self? Ok, I had a slice of banana. Haha…It’s only temporary…(I think).

My favorite, well only, purchase in Victoria was an aromatherapy diffuser and a bunch of essential oils from a spot called Escents 560 Johnson St., Victoria. My diffuser is called a DOT and it’s a humidifier, defuser, and something else all in one. But the best part is, it changes colors as it diffuses. (You can sell me anything :-P)

We came back rested and I got some video editing done and had a surprise visitor on the balcony who stood there staring at me for 20 minutes!!! Check out the pic below.

As the sun set and the night sky came, we returned to town for dinner at an Indian restaurant called Zaffran 1245 Wharf Street, Victoria. And that was truly some incredible indian food! Zaffran definitely gets 5 stars from me. The bf was sweating from all the heat ha, literally. TOO FUNNY!

Today ended with stuffed bellies and smiles…Happy that I was able to get around and walk and enjoy the day instead of being bed bound. Wait, that sounds weird.

Day 2: Woke up to seagulls calling and a lovely visitor who came by for the 2nd time (i really think it’s the same lil guy) as I was shooting a video on the balcony and only an arms reach away. A visitor perhaps? Or simply a hungry seagull? He didn’t seem to be begging, just observing me. I dunno…I liked him staring at me nonetheless.

One thing was on the agenda today and that was experiencing tea at the Fairmont Empress Hotel. I will save all the details on that because I have an entire post dedicated to it. If you want to check it out you can, The Empress Calls Me For High Tea.

Post the Empress Hotel experience, we immediately boarded the Black Ball Ferry and skipped crossing the border and it’s horrendous Easter weekend line-up and went straight to Port Angeles, WA. I couldn’t enjoy this experience at all as I was nauseous the entire way and then had stabbing pain as I must have skipped my medication.

Funny story, we stop at a gas station in Port Angeles, WA to get my tires filled since my car started screaming at me. So, I’m holding my stomach writhing in pain and my bf leaves to get something from the gas station. It felt like an eternity waiting so I finally went in despite feeling super nauseous. I walk in, no bf. Hmm…I started getting a bit concerned. But I round the corner and no joke, I literally see him (back to me) with a huge ass butcher knife in his hand slightly behind his back creeping towards someone in the kitchen. But then just in time as my mind can’t quite comprehend what I am seeing or witnessing for that matter lol, I see a bowl of something he just cut up and he hands the woman behind the kitchen counter the knife back says thank you and I take a huge sigh. LMAO! What was that all about?? He said, “I was cutting you up some ginger for your stomach.” Wow, was that misinterpreted. I still don’t know if it was the Oxy-codone’s and nausea causing the extreme confusion or if it really did look like a scene out of the next Bate’s Motel. Nonetheless, it makes for a good story!

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