Inspiration–How To Use the Law Of Attraction To Break Out of A Funk and Start Manifesting Money & Success

A little raw (lol) but here I am! So yesterday was an interesting day for me after spending nearly 5 hours in a court room. This video talks about how to break out of your funk to start manifesting amazing things into your life including money, success or whatever you are in need of at this moment in your life.

The Universe we live in works by attraction. The Law of Attraction is simply energy that is bringing you more of what you put your focused energy towards. If you put your energy and focus on what’s not right in your life, then that is what you will get, more of what is not right in your life despite you wanting the opposite of your current situation. On the other hand, if you focus your energy on what you want to have or create, that is what you will create provided certain factors are in place (which we will talk about in a later video).

The law of attraction is naturally attracted to movement and speed aka momentum. When you move your body, you are exerting energy and creating momentum. The more you move, you are raising your vibration which is naturally attracting the Universal forces of attraction to manifest money and success into your life.

In this video, I break down how I get out of a funk and what you can do to push yourself through so you’re feeling amazing and attracting money and success.

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P.S. People have always wondered how I have been able to create such abundance in my life and why I never struggle financially. They wonder how I have been able to create a lifestyle of travel and freedom and always have money flowing into my life. There are some principles in life that I live by that always keep this energy flowing to me.

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Notes from Dubai!

Emirates - Seattle to Dubai Hey guys!

So, the journey is officially ON! I left Seattle on Friday for Dubai and my travels have been very smooth. I have to say Emirates is BY FAR the best airline in the world to travel on and it didn’t hurt that I was traveling in comfort :-P.

Anyhow, I landed in Dubai around 11 am, got through immigration and customs in less than 5 minutes and booked my hotel upon arrival (oh the details ;-P). The Shangri La is a very nice hotel just a few minute drive from the Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa. I love my view of the Burj Khalifa–the tallest building in the world!…Check it out!

More from Bali coming tomorrow!

P.S. I can’t wait to tell you about what I’m doing here in Bali now that I arrived…So stay tuned until tomorrow!

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Countdown To Bali – 2 Days (Your Personal Success Formula)

FullSizeRenderHello everyone!

I take off to Bali via Dubai in less than 2 days and I am so pumped for this incredible transformational experience! In this video, I reveal my Personal Success Formula and how you can discover yours too! Stay tuned through to the end…you don’t want to miss it.

I hope you enjoyed the video…I would love to hear from you, are you living your Personal Success Formula? If so, how do you love it and if NOT, what’s stopping you?

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Countdown to Bali – Day 5 Transformational Series

IMG_3649Hello everyone!

So this video was from yesterday but when you watch the video to the end you will see why I got a little de-railed haha!! Anyhow, I am so loving this idea of transformation in my Countdown to Bali transformation series and making a conscious decision to improve things in my life.

I hope that you are enjoying being on the journey with me as you really begin to look at things in your own lives that maybe you have been wanting to change or things that are really preventing your own personal growth.

When you stop working on your personal development/self development, whatever you want to call it, you limit your growth and stay victim to your circumstances. When you consciously make  a decision to change things about yourself or your “reality” that you don’t care for, you empower yourself to push through that block which is often fear or limiting beliefs to truly OWN your transformational journey and become a person of God, light, source, Universe (whatever you believe) you were meant to be.

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5 days and counting until I take off on my incredible journey to Bali, Indonesia! 



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Countdown To Bali – Day 6 Transformation Series

Buddha figure in front of green plants, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, Asia

Buddha figure in front of green plants, Ubud, Bali.

Hello everyone,

So as you probably know, yesterday I began my Transformation Bali countdown series. I take off to Bali via Dubai on August 14th and couldn’t be more excited for this journey. The transformation series is an introspective series I am putting together of my own personal transformation and process.

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How to make money blogging.

How to make money blogging.

The Countdown To Transformation Bali Begins…7 Days

And so, the countdown to Bali, Indonesia begins. The only problem is there is a slight “road block”. We need some good energy and strong prayers to calm this powerful force but I have a feeling that I will make it just fine. As the countdown to Bali begins, I would like to invite you to join in on a Transformational Journey with me…It’s a personal journey, but my intention is that you will have your own transformation…Check it out and like, comment or share if you know someone who would enjoy this journey. #TransformationBali

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A Unique Eiffel Tower Experience…

Eiffel Tower at night up close

Eiffel Tower at night up close

Despite its early controversy years ago for its bold design, the Eiffel Tower has become a monumental site that most hope to visit someday and the mystery and allure behind this incredible structure remains.

My Eiffel Tower experience was unique because we literally rented an apartment right underneath the Iron Lady and it was physically impossible to stay any closer to her. I left seeing her shine in the morning just a few feet away, from a distance from various vantage points across the city, and came home to her late at night when she twinkled every hour on the hour blowing my mind every time. What I loved most was rounding the street corner of 8 Avenue La Bourdonnais any time of day, and getting the best view in the entire city. Newly married couples posed with photographers to get the most epic shots in front of the tower.

Eiffel Tower In the Daytime

Eiffel Tower In the Daytime

I highly recommend if you are going to the Eiffel Tower especially during peak tourist season when it’s scorching hot outside, get the skip the line pass and do a tour of the tower.

We did a fabulous tour with
Fat Tire Tours
that met on Avenue La Bourdonnais just a block from our place and I have to say it was well worth the $55 Euros. Our tour guide, Antoine, a local Parisian, was so knowledgeable and really poured his heart into his tours. It didn’t matter that it was in the mid 80 degrees F, you could tell he loves his job and made the tour so worthwhile and entertaining.

Antoine Our Fabulous Guide From Fat Tire Tours

Antoine Our Fabulous Guide From Fat Tire Tours

Once you take the elevator to the top, or if you choose to hike up a mere 1,665 steps, don’t stop before you toast a glass of champagne for a not so bad $12 Euros. If you’re a couple, definitely take a moment to share a public, not so passionate kiss (well unless you don’t mind a ton of spectators) next to the “Share a Kiss Here” sign and then stop at the 2nd floor on the way down to experience the new glass bottom floor. I have to admit we skipped that part because the heat was causing me to lose it quickly.

Fun Facts on the Eiffel Tower – Paris, France

* The French name for the Eiffel Tower is La Tour Eiffel, it also has the nickname La dame de fer which means the iron lady.

* The Eiffel Tower, named after Gustave Eiffel, was originally built as the entrance arch for the World’s Fair in 1889 and was not intended to be permanent. They were planning on tearing it down just 2 years later after serving its purpose and recouping the money for its construction; hence it was agreed to be built despite its monstrous size and controversial design!

* Thankfully it was saved, because it is now the most visited paid monument in the entire world!

* During WWII when Hitler visited Paris, the French cut the lift cables on the Eiffel Tower so that Hitler would have to climb the steps if he wanted to visit the summit. It’s no surprise that Hitler never went on the Eiffel Tower and it has been said that Hitler conquered France, but never conquered the Eiffel Tower.

* The tower was supposed to be originally placed in Barcelona but Spain rejected the tower when it was brought to them for construction.

* The outside temperature also alters the height of the tower by up to 6 inches! Yikes…(I think it’s proven to be safe by now lol.)

* Approximately 20,000 light bulbs adorn the tower and shine after it gets dark. For a special show, every hour on the hour it has a twinkling light show for about 10 minutes. This made me very happy every time I caught her “dancing” as I call it!

* There are over 30 different replicas of the Eiffel Tower around the world varying in shape and size including the half-scale replica in Las Vegas and the Tokyo Tower in Japan actually has a full size replica of it!

* Most people don’t know there is a small apartment at the very top that Gustave Eiffel had incorporated into the design so he had the best viewing room in the house.

* For 41 years, La Tour Eiffel was the tallest building in the world before the Chrysler Tower in NYC overtook it.

* Building the Eiffel Tower was a massive undertaking. It took 300 workers, 2.5 million rivets, and 18,038 pieces of wrought iron to build it and weighs over 10,000 tons!
I would say that experiencing the Eiffel Tower for yourself is a ‘must do’ at least once in your lifetime.

If you have been to the Eiffel Tower, I’m curious to know what you loved most about her? Or maybe you don’t like her and that’s ok too! ;-P

Santé from Paris!

Joanie Dhillon | Globe-Trotter | FreedomPreneur

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